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LED spotlamp will work just like your halogen or incandescent lights only the LED light will save you a lot of money as LED lights use much less electricity than conventional halogen lights or incandescent lights.

600 LED light panel will be rated at 600 watts but the actual LED bulbs will have a much lower rating because LED bulbs are more energy efficient and therefore cheaper to run.

What bulb to use for the best brightness depends on the wattage of the bulb, LED bulbs use less energy than conventional filament bulbs and so can produce the same brightness at a lot lower wattage.

LED lights can be bulbs or LED strip lights supplied on sticky tape that you can simply unroll, stick to a surface and plug in or you might like tube LED lights available in a range of warm colours.

RGB LED 12v lights are coloured lights that run from a 12 volt electricity supply, this is not a mains voltage and so these lights can't simply be plugged into mains.

LED high bay lights give lots of lighting to your work or recreational area whilst still being cheap to run, LED high bay lights last for years and don't cost much to run.

Industrial LED lighting in the UK comes with fire rated lights for industrial units and shops, you can save up to 90% of your lighting bill by switching your business to LED lighting.

Unidirectional LED bulb gives the same light output in all directions, this makes it a good choice for general lighting where you want one bulb to light the whole room.

Outdoor LED lighting to light up the exterior of your home, use these lights outside as they come with IP65 and IP67 splash proof and water proof ratings, choose from wall lights, ceiling lights and solar powered lights.

LED icicle lights multi-colour like Christmas lights with multi-action coloured lights where you can change the colour of the icicles and the speed of the light flashing.

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