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LED low bay fittings can be suspended from the ceiling on a chain, mounted at heights from 4 to 8 meters typically, LED low bay lighting is ideal for wide open spaces, retail showrooms and aisle racking.

LED light panels for sale in a range of different sizes to suit any home or office the commercial LED light panels are very large and provide illumination for a very large area at little cost.

Dining room lighting choose from pendent lights over the dining room table which can be used individually or hung together in groups for larger spaces, wall panel dining room lights create a romantic ambience.

GU10 LED bulbs review in brief, halogen GU10 bulbs get hot and for this reason have a limited lifespan whilst LED GU10 bulbs run cold, the heat of a GU10 bulb shortens its life.

Bathroom spotlights let you choose between functional lighting or ambient lighting designed to lift your mood from polished chrome bathroom downlights to flush fitting spotlights.

IP65 600x600 LED panel lights are splash proof and so can be mounted in bathrooms and shower rooms, the thin design makes them suitable for shallow ceiling voids, all LED panels have a built-in diffuser.

Commercial LED light bulbs from reduced energy lights so your business isn't spending a fortune on Christmas lights and plug and play waterproof lighting solutions.

G9 LED bulb is an integral LED light bulb in a plastic or glass capsule, you can buy these LED lights singularly or in packs of 10, Ikea sell these bulbs, but they are also available online.

White LED GU10 5W spotlight bulbs make your white ceiling look elegant, with silver or black or grey plastic LED lightbulbs as the white GU10 bulbs blend into the ceiling providing light and elegance.

600 LED light panel will be rated at 600 watts but the actual LED bulbs will have a much lower rating because LED bulbs are more energy efficient and therefore cheaper to run.

Led Strip Lights