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G9 LED bulb is an integral LED light bulb in a plastic or glass capsule, you can buy these LED lights singularly or in packs of 10, Ikea sell these bulbs, but they are also available online.

IP44 stands for Ingress Protection and is the standard to make sure that LED lights are safe for use in wet conditions like zones 1,2,3 or 4 of a bathroom or outside LED lights.

Solar garden lights might be small garden brick type solar lights to warm white solar lights or LED lights with a garden stake or solar powered path lights, these lights have a built in rechargeable battery so they light up even when the sun is not shinning.

Kitchen under cabinet lighting uses LED bar lights mounted under the kitchen units, as well as LED bar lights you can use LED strip lights that come on a sticky tape roll and just need to be stuck under the kitchen cabinets to provide kitchen lighting.

Home automation with smart lighting allows you to use wifi lightbulbs and Bluetooth lightbulbs where you can turn the light on or off by remote control or by your phones app as well as change the colour of the bulb.

LED high bay lights give lots of lighting to your work or recreational area whilst still being cheap to run, LED high bay lights last for years and don't cost much to run.

LED high bay lights are the high up wall or pendant mounted lights that you can use to illuminate a large area, the bulbs are cheap to run with a high light output and yet low energy consumption.

A 600x600 light panel for suspended ceilings will give your work area lots of light, using LED panels means that your lights won't be generating heat which makes the work area more comfortable.

LED icicle lights multi-colour like Christmas lights with multi-action coloured lights where you can change the colour of the icicles and the speed of the light flashing.

200w LED high bay lights are bright lights, the LED source will be made up of many tiny LED lights, you won't be able to tell that it's not one light but because many lights are used individual LEDs can fail without changing the light output.

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