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High bay LED bulbs are a great way to illuminate large work areas with lights that are modern and fashionable, use a modern LED bulb with its lower running costs for the best deal.

What is a GU10, it's a type of bulb used in ceiling lights, it's the most common type of ceiling light, old GU10 lights used to be halogen but that makes the bulb and running costs expensive.

Bedroom ceiling lights come in both pendent lights and flush lights that don't stand away from the ceiling, it's easy to update your bedroom lights allowing you to change the look of your room cheaply.

LED spotlamp will work just like your halogen or incandescent lights only the LED light will save you a lot of money as LED lights use much less electricity than conventional halogen lights or incandescent lights.

Metal drop ceiling lights give your home or office a contemporary feel and provide you with a cheap lighting source as LED drop ceiling lights are cheap to buy and cheap to run.

300w LED high bay bulbs and light fittings give you lots of light so you can work or read using these LED high bay bulbs, the high bay bulbs and fittings are cheap to buy and last for years.

IP65 600x600 LED panel lights are splash proof and so can be mounted in bathrooms and shower rooms, the thin design makes them suitable for shallow ceiling voids, all LED panels have a built-in diffuser.

LED icicle lights multi-colour like Christmas lights with multi-action coloured lights where you can change the colour of the icicles and the speed of the light flashing.

LED tube light installation is easy, you simply pull the old tube light out of its housing and replace with the LED tube, you can put LED tubes in as direct replacement for fluorescent tubes.

9 watt LED bulb equals a 90 watt normal light bulb, so that's plenty light in a room and a 9 watt LED bulb will be so much cheaper to run as it uses so much less power from the electricity supply.

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