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600 LED light panel will be rated at 600 watts but the actual LED bulbs will have a much lower rating because LED bulbs are more energy efficient and therefore cheaper to run.

LED panel light for both commercial and domestic purposes and are an economical alternative to tube lighting, plus a panel light gives a much nicer colour than an incandescent light.

Kitchen under cabinet lighting uses LED bar lights mounted under the kitchen units, as well as LED bar lights you can use LED strip lights that come on a sticky tape roll and just need to be stuck under the kitchen cabinets to provide kitchen lighting.

GU10 LED bulbs review in brief, halogen GU10 bulbs get hot and for this reason have a limited lifespan whilst LED GU10 bulbs run cold, the heat of a GU10 bulb shortens its life.

Outdoor security lights use passive infra red to detect intruders and switch on a bright floodlight, LED security lights have rechargeable batteries that charge during the day.

A 600x600 light panel for suspended ceilings will give your work area lots of light, using LED panels means that your lights won't be generating heat which makes the work area more comfortable.

9 watt LED bulb equals a 90 watt conventional bulb, conventional bulbs wear out because they run hot and the heat wastes energy causing higher electric bills and gives you less light.

A LED filament bulb uses a LED light to take the place of a wire filament in incandescent bulbs, these modern LED bulbs are made to look like vintage or retro light bulbs with intricate filaments inside.

Xmas lights can be for indoor or outdoor use, typically you're have 120 warm glow white or yellow lights on a string for decorating the tree or draping around picture frames.

Daylight bulbs ae for people who suffer from SAD Seasonally Affected Disorder, the daylight bulbs give off the same wavelength of light as natural sunlight and make you happy tricking your body into thinking it's in the sun.

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