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GU10 LED dimmable lights are dimmable versions of the standard GU10 LED light, you can't dim LED lights unless they are specified for dimmable light switches as the light just won't dim on a normal switch.

GU10 bulb lights make an excellent choice for halogen replacement, halogen bulbs run hot and as well as wasting energy make your room unbearably hot in the summer, choose from wide beam and narrow beam GU10 lights.

Outdoor LED lighting to light up the exterior of your home, use these lights outside as they come with IP65 and IP67 splash proof and water proof ratings, choose from wall lights, ceiling lights and solar powered lights.

LED low bay lighting is when you want lights close to your work area as opposed to high bay where the work area and ceiling are far apart, you might choose a PIR (Proximity Infra-Red) solution, remote control or wireless.

Home automation with smart lighting allows you to use wifi lightbulbs and Bluetooth lightbulbs where you can turn the light on or off by remote control or by your phones app as well as change the colour of the bulb.

Small white bathrooms can use waterproof or splash proof LED lighting, if the lights are to be over a bath, sink or shower they will need to be waterproof, if mounted in other areas of the room the lights can just be splash proof.

200w LED high bay lights are bright lights, the LED source will be made up of many tiny LED lights, you won't be able to tell that it's not one light but because many lights are used individual LEDs can fail without changing the light output.

Cheap energy saving bulbs will always be LED bulbs because not only do LED bulbs have lower running costs, but they last for years, years longer than conventional light bulbs.

Do LED bulbs need a transformer, no a LED bulb can run on the mains electrical supply just like any conventional bulb, however you might have a 6 volt, 12 volt or 24 volt lighting system where the LED replacement bulbs would still need a transformer.

150w LED high bay lights are for commercial lighting solutions where LED light chips are used to provide a constant light output for years to come without fading or bulb failure.

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