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LED panels give 50% more light then conventional light panels and have less than half the running costs, the LED panels are incredibly lightweight and can be mounted on both walls and ceilings.

Bathroom spotlights let you choose between functional lighting or ambient lighting designed to lift your mood from polished chrome bathroom downlights to flush fitting spotlights.

Outside lights like outdoor wall lights, festoon lights, outdoor strip lights, IP54 rated outdoor lights, these outdoor lights can be mains powered, battery powered, solar powered and designed to provide light and security.

Bedroom fairy lights of varying sizes from 40 bulb light sets to 100 bulb sets, these mini bulb light sets come in white, yellow or coloured versions, wrap the string lights around mirrors and picture frames.

Commercial Christmas lights for use on large outdoor Christmas trees are these days decorated with LED lights, LED lights will run at a lower power and be safer as well as cheaper.

LED high bay lights are the high up wall or pendant mounted lights that you can use to illuminate a large area, the bulbs are cheap to run with a high light output and yet low energy consumption.

Warranty direct from the manufacture and a promotion code to reduce the cost of your LED lights and fittings means that you're have peace of mind as well as a cheaper LED lighting deal.

G9 bulb makes a perfect replacement for the halogen version which would use 33 watts of power whilst the LED G9 bulb uses just 3 watts of power making the LED G9 much cheaper to run.

Outdoor security lights use passive infra red to detect intruders and switch on a bright floodlight, LED security lights have rechargeable batteries that charge during the day.

LED stands for light emitting diode, it is an electronic device that creates a great amount of light for a very small input of electrical power, the LED lamp might use one of more individual LED lights inside the lamp.

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